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Greetings and Welcome Back, SS Team!

I just wanted to share with you this very relevant professional development opportunity offered by Facing History, and Ourselves that focuses on the very common core skills that are central to the social studies curriculum, e.g., “enabling students to become more news literate and separate news from noise?”

How Do We Know What We Know? – Truth and the News, September 27, 2012, 9:00 – 4:00.  Click here to register! 

On a related note…. this year’s election promises to be filled with many authentic opportunities for teaching media literacy skills, so I thought I’d pass along some additional resources you might find of value to engage students in thinking critically about the advertisements they see on television:

Using YouTube to Teach Presidential Election Propaganda: 12 Representative Videos

“Analyzing Presidential Campaign Propaganda” by D. Cochran (University of Wisconsin)

The Living Room Candidate database of political commercials going back to 1952.

Get students involved by asking them to research and create their own 30 second political advertisement.  Or, if a longer project is not possible, consider creating some shorter activities by asking students to do some “fact checking” on campaign ads they see on TV, via the following websites:

See >

See also >

See also >

The Political Ad Analysis Worksheet created by Frank Baker can also be used to help students focus on multiple elements of the ads.   See >

Finally, if you are looking for some grade level  alternative texts or other resources to use in the classroom, please feel free to stop by or drop me a note.  I’d be happy to do some research based on your needs.

How Do We Know What We Know?


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