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Nancy Bartosz: A Window To The World!

Guatemala City by Nancy Bartosz

Greetings WHS colleagues! I’m sure you’ve all received news of Nancy BT’s travel blog; maybe you’ve even had some time to follow her posts. Either way, I just wanted to share with you what a wonderful resource her memoirs can be in supporting your curriculum.See >  If you’re not much for reading blogs, you can also follow Nancy on Twitter > or Facebook >

Aside from sharing in the thrill of Nancy’s adventures, Nancy is quite the travel writer.  Travel writing is a skill that can be integrated in many subject areas, e.g., English as a genre of writing; Social Studies to study geography, religion, and politics; Science to study environmental and global issues; and, the Arts to study photography, culinary art, and music.

What might you do to integrate Nancy’s travels into your teaching?

Projects that involve real people and authentic experiences are fabulous assignment that lead to inquiry, critical thinking and problem solving.  Please let me know you’d like to learn more about what we have planned and if you’d like to collaborate with us on this project.

Antigua Guatemala by Nancy Bartosz

I’m planning a special geotagging project titled, Where in the World is Nancy Bartosz, and I’d like to invite students to participate, hopefully for extra credit.  We will kick off the project by scheduling several Skype sessions with Nancy in the media center over the next few weeks.   We will then continue by geotagging Nancy’s travels with pictures, video, and links that she will share with me, like the ones posted here.  You might already recognize these photos above from Nancy’s blog.  I’m also planning a special display in the media center. Hopefully, the project will grow from there to include projects you create in your classroom.

In the interim, I look forward to hearing about how you plan to connect Nancy’s adventures with what your students are learning in the classroom.

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