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Digital Citizenship @ WHS


Over the next several weeks, we will be holding Internet Safety Workshops with our 9-11 grade students.

Through discussion and reflection, we’ll ask students to think about
their online image (or digital footprint) and how it may be viewed by college admissions representatives, scholarship committees, or potential employers.  Suggestions will be provided for “sanitizing” their Facebook/Twitter  accounts.

Finally, we’ll discuss some issues that have occurred on Twitter here at
Westmont, and we’ll ask students what they can do to be more socially
responsible if a similar situation should occur in the future.


2012 Internet Safety Presentation

Internet Safety From the Principal


A special thank you to our English teachers for co-facilitating these workshops.

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Ted on Education

Just wanted to share some very inspirational TED Talks on education. I especially connected with Rita Pierson’s talk, “Every Student Needs a Champion.”

See >

Also, don’t miss “TED Talks Education,” hosted by John Legend, which premieres Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 10/9c on PBS.

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Interdisciplinary Writing – EQs & Global Perspectives

Essential Questions from a Global Perspective

I am so excited to see Lisa Hootman’s Farm to School project evolve and grow.  What a great opportunity for our school and community to provide locally grown, healthy produce that we can all benefit from.   In addition to the many benefits of fresh, whole foods, local farming is one of those hands-on activities that promotes community building and interdisciplinary learning.


I’m in the process of creating a resource page to support our community gardens; in the interim, I thought I would share the following report titled, “The top 100 questions of importance to the future of global agriculture,” that was published in The International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability (2010).  This report presents essential questions from a global perspective while, at the same time, highlighting the importance of local farming.

The questions presented in this research are current, engaging and great starting points for interdisciplinary teaching and learning in all content areas.

You can access the report in full text here.

See Lisa’s presentation here.


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