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Resources for Critical Thinking

I have been working to add more informational texts to our collection and wanted to highlight one of our newest resources, Ad Age Magazine.

Media literacy is becoming increasingly important for our students to understand and has many connections to Common Core.    Understanding how data is collected, manipulated, disseminated and consumed, and what that means in terms of the decisions people make,  will help our students develop as critical thinkers and enlightened consumers of information.

While Ad Age is published as a marketing and media magazine, it is packed with “news, analysis, and data” on a variety of topics that are related to the subjects you teach.    Filled with charts and graphs, you’ll find many opportunities to teach students how to connect and synthesis, interpret and analyze the data they see in the media to what they are learning in school.

Here are a few ideas for integrating media literacy in your subject area.

Here are more detailed lesson plans,

Ad Age is printed weekly.  We receive the print and online version.  If you are interested, I can forward the electronic version to you as I receive it.

The most recent issue analyzes Super Bowl ads.  Read it here!


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