WHS Teachers, Expect Quality Research From Your Students With Gale

23 Aug

I am incredibly excited to announce our new Gale database suite.   After careful consideration and evaluation, we’ve elected to subscribe to six Gale databases.   Students will now have access to Gale’s award-winning reference materials anytime, anywhere.   Click on any database below to learn more about the amazing resources that are available to you (links open in a new window).



You will receive login and password information directly via email within the next few days.

At the end of last school school year, we performed an extensive weeding of our 1985 (avg.) non-fiction collection, during which we discarded approximately 900+ outdated titles.   While weeding improved the currency of our collection, it did not provide improved access to the resources that we need to support Common Core Standards and High Quality Teaching, specifically we lacked those resources that improve literacy and provide students with the opportunity to build the information literacy skills (e.g., critical thinking, inquiry, and synthesis) that they need to be successful in school and beyond.

Going forward our students will have access to an extensive array of reference resources and alternative texts.  Having access to Gale databases will provide opportunities for our students to understand the changing nature of information and how it is created, stored, and disseminated, as well as provide them with the gain the information literacy skills to access, evaluate, and synthesis the information they find electronically.   These are basic high school literacy skills for the 21st Century that should be mastered by all students by senior year–we now have the resources to make this a regular part of our curriculum.

Look for additional information and professional development opportunities on how you can integrate these databases into your curriculum.  In the interim, please take the time to review these amazing materials and become familiar with the databases so you may share them with your students.

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