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Sharing Presentations Online | Booktalks and More

Looking for a way to share presentations easily online? 


One Web 2.0 tool you might like is SlideShare,  a Web 2.0 tool widely used by the educational community for sharing and remixing presentations.  I like SlideShare because it’s user friendly and easy to embed presentations across social networks without having to worry about carrying around a flash drive or having the right version of PowerPoint.

I also like that professionals outside of WHS can view and share my work.  I recently received an email from a grad student asking if I had additional resources related to an urban agriculture presentation I posted in 2008.  Not to mention. SlideShare is filled with amazing presentations that you can borrow and remix for your own lessons.  Students can also post and present using SlideShare; it’s just another way to publish their work for an authentic audience.

I created this slideshow to share a few fiction titles we’ve recently added to our collection.  These books represent some of this year’s most read YA titles in historical, science, fantasy , and realistic fiction.

Please feel free to share this presentation with your students as a bell ringer.    Also, I’d be happy to come and share one of my “Tech Saavy: Where Multi-media Meets Print” booktalks with your students.

I also welcome the opportunity to collaborate with teachers on creating a “book talk channel” on YouTube, so if you are interested in integrating this project, e.g., having students create book talks as part of their IRPs, let me know.

As a side note, I uploaded this presentation using SlideShare,

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